Behind The Scenes Into A Chinese Hacking Company

( – An unusual leak that gives a glimpse into the Chinese hacking business proves that it’s vast but that they operate on shady business.

Internal documents leaked from police and a private contractor connected to the government of China showed many instances of the shady business practices that go on behind the scenes. Private hacking companies are common in China and they typically steal other countries’ data to turn back to China and sell it.

China doesn’t exactly cover up their hacking companies as they are widely known throughout the country, however, how they really operate has never been seen until the leaking of these documents. These documents came from a hacking firm named I-Soon that showed the shady business that they do in order to make money.

Chat records that were leaked in documents showed praise over officials hosting lavish dinners and binge drinking. They also showed rigged bidding for contracts, and it also showed that they pay thousands to those who bring in lucrative projects with “Introduction fees.”.

A cybersecurity analyst, Mei Danowski, wrote in her blog that the company “is profit-driven.” She said, “It is subject to China’s business culture, who you know, who you dine and wine with, and who you are friends with.”

China’s hacking industry is quite deep and it goes back to the 1990s when hacking first became a practice as the internet was growing. Wu Haibo, I-Soon’s founder and CEO was a part of the very first hacktivist group named Green Army.

China’s hacking business skyrocketed as the internet spread and their hiring process was extensive. High-profile attacks became a problem as they became more popular and more people were being targeted with attacks.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said that there is not enough cybersecurity staff to combat the amount of hackers that are working in China.

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