Biden’s Voting Executive Order Being Challenged By Supreme Court?!

( – A lawsuit has been announced challenging President Joe Biden’s get-out-the-vote executive order and it’s now moving to the Supreme Court. According to some experts, this is “the most important legal issue” right now.

The order in question is Executive Order 14019 which is focused on defending the right to vote and using state entities to ensure there are no discriminatory practices. Over twenty different GOP lawmakers are challenging the executive order, saying that it’s Biden’s way to target certain demographics and pushing for his own re-election.

A judge dismissed the case, saying that they didn’t have enough evidence and they “lacked standing to bring the lawsuit,” but the group says that they will appeal to the Supreme Court.

The attorney for the lawmakers, Erick Kaardal, said “We think it’s really important for President Biden to be held accountable.”

Kaardal continued, “For him to violate such a big law when all the little people have to follow the laws, even little laws … it’s clear President Biden has issued an executive order without congressional enactments to get himself re-elected. It’s ridiculous.”

The complaint says that the executive order wasn’t necessarily brought on by the president but that it was largely drafted by a “third-party non-governmental organization.”

The court documents state, “The executive action taken by the President nullifies the votes of the individual legislators, violates the Electors Clause, violates the Elections Clause, and deprives the legislators of their particular rights.”

Many are worried that the push of this executive order would swing the election outcome. The brief said, “The President commanded every executive agency of the federal government to perform voter registration and mobilization activities regardless of whether those agencies are authorized to do so under federal law. “

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