Germany Arrests EU Parliament Staff on Chinese Espionage Charges

( – Germany has arrested a national after they were accused of spying for China’s Secret Service and leaking information from the European Parliament. Jian G, the alleged spy, was said to be an employee of a German member of the European Parliament beginning in 2019. There are also accusations that he spied on Chinese opposition members in Germany.

The member that he supposedly was working for was named Maximilian Krah of AfD and their officers were said to be right next to each other, although the spy was never actually seen there. An AfD spokesperson said that the reports of the arrest are “deeply concerning” and that the party would do everything they could to help.

The German federal prosecutor’s office stated, “In January 2024 the accused repeatedly shared information about negotiations and decisions in the European Parliament with his intelligence service employer.”

Investigations will be performed by the German domestic intelligence services into these allegations since Jian G was recently arrested.

“If it is confirmed that there was espionage for Chinese intelligence services from within the European Parliament, then that would be an attack on European democracy from within. Whoever employs such a person carries responsibility,” said German interior minister, Nancy Faeser.

Along with this, three other German men were arrested as well for sharing information pertaining to German research about new technology. In the U.K. two other citizens were arrested for allegedly spying for China too.

With this, the Chinese Foreign Ministry rejects all claims of espionage and they said that these claims are meant to discredit China.

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