Muslim Voters Upset At Biden After Passing Huge Aid Bill to Israel

( – Muslim voters are upset with Biden after the House passed a twenty-six billion dollar aid to be sent to Israel. The bill not only includes aid for Israel but also aid for Taiwan and Ukraine; Biden said he would pass this aid as soon as it reached his desk.

As a response, U.S. Islamic leaders have been attacking the administration because of their support of Israel and some have warned the administration saying that the signing of this legislation would be the “last straw.”

“That heartless decision could mark the point of no return for what remains of the White House’s relationship with the American Muslim community and other Americans opposed to the genocide in Gaza,” said Robert McCaw, the government affairs director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

McCaw continued, “The administration is already at its lowest point in its relationship with the American Muslim community.”

CAIR National said that the aid was a “blank check” and that it would give Israelis more “offensive weapons” that they have already “used to slaughter at least 34,000 Palestinians in Gaza.”

Ultimately the main issue that people had was that this aid was not specified, and it didn’t say whether or not the amount was to be used for offensive or defensive weapons. This has concerned many who say that they could use the weapons for more dangerous and costly offensive attacks than for protecting themselves in the war.

Washington Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal stated, “We cannot continue to watch the carnage that is happening in Gaza and have the U.S. military assistance be a part of that carnage.”

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