The Global Water Crisis Is Causing More Conflict?!

( – The global water scarcity is contributing to instability and causing more conflicts across the globe, according to the United Nations.

The recently released United Nations World Water Report states that two billion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water; it also reported that over three billion people don’t have access to sanitation. The UN has stated that water availability is extremely important to world peace.

“Water shortages not only fan the flames of geopolitical tensions but also pose a threat to fundamental rights as a whole, for example, by considerably undermining the position of girls and women,” said Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO chief.

The lack of clean water has affected people’s hygiene as well as medical treatments. There are oftentimes large amounts of immigrants from places where water is scarce and they are facing heavy water stress.

The report mentioned that climate change could affect the amount of available clean drinking water there is and the increase in drought conditions.

“It’s not just a water problem for people in Syria. It’s not just a water problem for people in Sudan. … It’s a water problem for all of us because we grow our food with freshwater whether it’s irrigated or whether it’s rain-fed, and when you have climate change on top of an already existing water crisis, then we cannot feed ourselves,” Quentin Graft from Water Justice Hub, a UNESCO affiliate said.

The report titled Water for Prosperity and Peace said that over half the world’s population is experiencing severe water scarcity; they say that some places don’t get water all year round.

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