Biden’s “Shrinkflation” Video Frustrates Viewers

( – President Biden came out on Super Bowl Sunday with a video that many would describe as “bizarre” or “unexpected and weird.”

President Joe Biden wasn’t seen doing a traditional pre-game interview, but he was seen on a video that was posted on the White House’s X account that showed President Joe Biden discussing snack inflation and pricing. Essentially, he called out snack companies and big corporations for inflating the prices of snacks, without increasing value.

The video was posted alongside a caption that read, “While you were Super Bowl shopping, did you notice smaller-than-usual products where the price stays the same? Folks are calling it Shrinkflation and it means companies are giving you less for every dollar you spend. I’m calling on the big consumer brands to put a stop to it.”

Biden can be seen in the video sitting down on a red chair next to a small table filled with recognizable snack brands. He can be heard saying, “It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and if you’re anything like me, you like to be surrounded by a snack or two while watching the big game. You know, when buying snacks for the game, you might have noticed one thing: sports drinks bottles are smaller, a bag of chips has fewer chips, but they’re still charging just as much.”

The video continued, “As an ice cream lover, what makes me the most angry is that ice cream cartons have actually shrunk in size but not in price. I’ve had enough of what they call Shrinkflation. It’s a rip-off. Some companies are trying to pull a fast one by shrinking the products little by little and hoping you won’t notice. Give me a break. The American public is tired of being played for suckers. I’m calling on companies to put a stop to this. Let’s make sure businesses do the right thing now.”

Many people were not pleased with the video and felt like it was a complete joke, plus many spoke out about not even believing what he was saying.

The other issue mentioned by people was the fact that this was focusing on a problem that was minimal compared to various other issues the nation is facing at this time.

With this being said, we may not see as much of Joe Biden on camera and in the media due to his memory loss and inability to remember or deliver lines to a camera fully.

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