Blinken Humiliated by Crown Prince During Visit

( – It has been reported that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud publicly humiliated United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken by making him wait many hours for a meeting scheduled for the evening but which did not take place until the next morning.

A report suggests it is impossible to emphasize the damage that Joe Biden’s administration inflicts on America’s standing in the world. As an illustration, consider US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s fruitless trip to Saudi Arabia to exert pressure on Hamas.

U.S. officials say that Secretary of State Joe Biden met with the Crown Prince for almost an hour at the royal’s farm residence in the Riyadh area. Blinken told journalists that there were many promising proposals for moving forward.

The report shows that even though convincing Arab partners to criticize Hamas was impossible, the public shaming Blinken incurred is a different story.

After hearing that hundreds of people had been killed in an explosion at a hospital in Gaza on Tuesday, hundreds of rioters holding Palestinian flags besieged the US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.

Protesters also torched a structure beyond the embassy’s perimeter.

An effort to disperse the mob resulted in the use of tear gas. The meeting took place before Biden’s scheduled arrival in Israel.

A report shows President Biden announced a $100 million relief package from the United States for delivery to the West Bank and Gaza on Wednesday.

He said the funds would meet humanitarian needs in Gaza and help the more than a million Palestinians displaced due to the conflict.

Biden said he had contacted the Israeli cabinet earlier in the day to urge them to allow the passage of aid to Gaza. Israel has agreed to let humanitarian aid go to Gaza on the condition that it undergoes inspections and is distributed to civilians rather than Hamas.

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