Experts Say Renewable Energy is POINTLESS Without Efficiency?!

( – Environmentalists have recently discussed the renewable energy focus that the world has shifted to and just what that means for the future of the market.

Bertrand Piccard who is an explorer and environmentalist has said that the renewed energy focus is “hopeless” if there is no improvement in efficiency. According to Piccard, one-third of the world’s energy is wasted.
Piccard said, “So if we try to replace fossil [fuel] energy with renewables without being efficient, without reducing the consumption, it’s hopeless.”
Another problem Piccard sees is that many people only see wind or solar as an alternative and they are forgetting about biogas and geothermal energy.
“So we focus on producing more, instead of consuming less, and in the production that we want to do, we forget a lot of different types of renewable energies that we don’t take into consideration,” said Piccard.
According to Piccard, the increased production of solar panels could make it hard for other industries to compete. China has shown the world how affordable solar energy can be over others, but it makes it difficult to compare it with other alternatives in their efficiency since solar takes up most of the market.
The European Commission had launched an investigation into Chinese solar panel manufacturers after saying that they could have benefitted from “potentially market distortive” subsidies.
Piccard credited China for making the energy source a more affordable option, especially since the initial development of the technology. This shift has made it much more accessible to other countries, but there is still a push for efficiency and a drop in consumption to make a difference.

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