Gaetz Can’t Resist Parting Jabs as McCarthy Announces Retirement

( – Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has written a number of tart tweets in response to Kevin McCarthy’s exit. The House recently voted to strip McCarthy of his speakership, a first in U.S. history.

Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, had been critical of McCarthy and was one of the prominent outspoken people who wanted him to step down. In early October, he filed a successful motion to remove McCarthy. Gaetz was one of eight Republicans who voted with Democrats to make that happen.

On X, Gaetz responded to McCarthy’s resignation with the word McLeavin’.

McCarthy, who was Speaker of the House of Representatives until he was removed in October, said he would be leaving Congress at the end of the year. In a Wall Street Journal essay, he wrote that his reason for leaving was to continue serving America in different capacities.

Reports show Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) became the Speaker in January, but by October, he was vacated by his own party for lack of confidence. This created a power vacuum that was filled by Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana and a supporter of Donald Trump. Johnson became the Speaker after three contenders fell short of getting enough support.

Gaetz continued the social media stings, writing that it was a terrific day to see Gaveled Out! and included a link to the short film that explains what happened before McCarthy was removed as speaker. A third tweet included a link to his podcast Firebrand with Matt Gaetz.

He attacked McCarthy on the program, calling his resignation a very serious math issue that would weaken the GOP’s grip in the House.

The Republican Party has 221 House members, while the Democrat Party has 213. Gaetz believed McCarthy was utterly selfish in leaving.

According to Gaetz, McCarthy is resigning his seat because he is angry he cannot rule the chamber.

Gaetz explained that within the House Republican Conference, there is a mass exodus of establishment figures. It is his sincere wish, he said, that they can restore the House with individuals who are prepared to stand up to defend America First principles.

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