Hamas Terrorists Appear in German Court

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – German authorities have arrested four men who are allegedly allied with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas who were discovered to have been planning attacks on Jews and institutions and organizations in Germany and Europe.

The suspects are not Palestinian however – Mohamed B. is an Egyptian national, Nazih R. is a Dutch national, while Ibrahim El-R. and Abdelhamid Al A. are from Lebanon. German authorities only release partial names in line with the country’s privacy laws.

Law enforcement in Germany says that the four receive directives from Hamas’ leadership in Lebanon. According to German federal prosecutors, their current task was to prepare a weapons cache in Berlin that would be kept in a “state of readiness” so that it could be easily used to attack Jewish institutions all around Europe. The cache was supposedly part of a bigger network of hidden weapons stockpiles Hamas has scattered throughout Europe.

German police that raided Ibrahim El-R.’s apartment found several cool packs that had ammonium nitrate gel inside them – ammonium nitrate being a key ingredient in making homemade and improvised explosive devices. Authorities add that prior to the arrest of the four men, there was already at least one Jewish organization in Germany that was designated as a specific target for an attack.

The war between Israel and Hamas has apparently triggered terrorist cells in Europe, as authorities in Denmark also thwarted planned attacks by suspected terrorists there. Two people were held in custody and four other individuals are under investigation, according to Danish law enforcement. Officials in Copenhagen were scarce on details, only saying that the arrested suspects had “threads abroad”. The operative head of Denmark’s Security and Intelligence Service, Flemming Drejer, told the press that the situation is “serious” and that the arrested individuals belonged to some sort of “network.” He also said that Denmark would not be changing its terror threat level at this time. The country’s alert level for terrorism has been at its second highest – marked as “serious” – since 2010

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