House GOP Defends Edits to Videos to Protect Faces Shown

( – Many people are waiting for Speaker of the House and Republican Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson to fulfill his promise to release footage from House security cameras that captured the January 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol.

Speaker Johnson has yet to fulfill that promise, but has reiterated that he intends to do so, but only after some edits are made to video footage – primarily the burring out of faces of the people seen in the videos – in order to protect these people from “insurrection hunters”.

According to Johnson, “some of the faces” of those who were at the Capitol on January 6 will need to be blurred, in order to protect them from being “retaliated against” and charged by the Department of Justice. Given that there are reportedly roughly 44,000 hours’ worth of footage from surveillance cameras in the Capitol, and that Johnson has said that the review is a “methodical process”, the release of the video is likely to take much, much longer than what was originally promised.

According to Johnson, the decision to release the footage was made so that Americans can “draw their own conclusions,” and is aimed at demonstrating transparency. The Speaker of the House called the decision to release the video a “critical and important exercise.”

More than 1,200 alleged participants in the January 6 riot are facing or have faced criminal charges due to their involvement in the event. Damage to the Capitol due to the “protest action – or “sightseeing” – as former Fox News correspondent Tucker Carlson infamously said, was estimated at $2.7 million. More than 400 people have already been handed down jail sentences due to crimes committed during the protest, while a little more than 300 people still waiting for a trial and/or sentencing. Hundreds of law enforcement officers also got injured because of the incident, with one dying as a result of injuries he suffered while trying to keep the peace inside the Capitol

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