Judge Tosses Zephyr’s Censorship Challenge

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – The Montana House of Representatives has the authority to dismiss any member it deems inappropriate, and a state court has rejected a lawsuit brought by a “transgender” lawmaker who was kicked out of the chamber.

According to a report, Democrat state representative Zooey Zephyr and a few of his constituents sued the House of Representatives in May, claiming the institution had infringed upon their First Amendment right to free expression.

The lawmaker is a first-term male politician who “transitioned” to female in 2018.

Judge Mike Menahan of the Montana District Court agreed with the state’s motion to dismiss the case. In the 10-page judgment, Judge Menahan, a former Democrat from the state House, said that the Montana Constitution grants the ability to reprimand members of the Legislature under Article V, Section 10.

On April 26, the congressman was censured for violating House rules and decorum for supporting gallery protesters while holding a microphone on the House floor. Following the disturbance on April 24, seven individuals were taken into custody.

According to the judge’s ruling, Zephyr was only allowed to vote remotely on bills still pending for the rest of the session because of the censure.

Zephyr said the lawmakers would have blood on their hands the next time they bent their heads in prayer during an invocation if they voted yes on the bill and modifications.

After Zephyr’s remarks were deemed to have violated decorum, the House Speaker informed him that he would not permit him to speak again unless he showed an ability to keep decorum in future hearings.

Protesters asked House Speaker Matt Regier to allow Zephyr to speak after he made controversial remarks on a bill that would ban “gender-transition” medications and surgical gender-related mutilation of minors.

A report shows the House passed a measure prohibiting underage spectators at drag performances in February. Additionally, the act forbids the holding of drag performances in public areas.

Rep. Braxton Mitchell (R-TN) proposed House Bill 359 on the grounds that all-ages drag events were pushing a sick ideology.

A local newspaper reports that Mitchell questioned the Democrats who were against the measure, asking them why they thought drag performances were appropriate for children.

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