Majority of Americans Support Deporting Illegal Migrants

( – A poll conducted by Fox News shows wide support for the deportation of illegal migrants, as more Americans say that they want the government to make the situation at the border one of its highest priorities.

According to the poll, the view that border security is a major issue is the second-highest priority for a great number of voters. Eight out of ten voters say that the situation on the U.S.-Mexico border – which has seen a significant rise in attempted crossings (both legally and illegally) by migrants from all around the world – is either an emergency or a major problem. Around 34% classify the situation to be an emergency, while a larger number, or 45% view the whole thing as a major problem. The sentiment is similar but a little changed from perspectives just a few months ago, when in October voters said that the situation at the border was an emergency (48%) as opposed to a major problem (37%).

There also still seems to be significant number of Americans who believe that building a wall on the border would be a viable solution for deterring illegal immigrants from entering into the country (54%), but the most popular solution for most voters was boosting the number of border agents, with 79% saying that they favor the initiative. Some, or 58%, said that the U.S. should deploy military personnel to the border.

A majority of voters – 67% – also agreed that illegal aliens should be deported. Voters – 64% of them – also said that employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants should face penalties. Still, a large number of people who were polled, or 62%, also said that they are in favor of allowing illegal immigrants who are already working to stay and try to apply for legal permanent resident status or citizenship.

Immigration policy is a contentious subject for both Republicans and Democrats, with the two parties often at odds on legislation on the matter. The issue is also expected to play a key role in helping voters decide if the next administration to hold the White House will be liberal or conservative – polls indicate that immigrants are still split on whether or not they prefer another four years of Biden or Trump, who is the favorite to win the Republican presidential primary.

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