Musk Lashes Out at Microsoft Over Inclusiveness Checker

( – Controversial billionaire Elon Musk is not happy about Microsoft Word’s political correctness check – Musk recently tweeted a photo showing the program suggesting that he use an alternative to the word “insane”.

Musk was apparently writing something about the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck release, bragging that the revolutionary electric truck would have “insane stability”. However, Microsoft Word flagged his use of the term, issuing him a warning that the word “insane” “implies mental health bias.”

“Microsoft Word now scolds you if you use words that aren’t ‘inclusive!” Musk tweeted. He also claimed that typing in “11,000lbs” was also deemed “non-inclusive” by the word processing program.

Musk said that the corrections are part of MS Word’s “’Ideas in Word”, a feature that asks users to “consider a different perspective,” and use more gender-neutral and politically correct language. For Musk’s “11,000lbs” entry, for example, MS Word suggested replacing the imperial measurement with “about twice the weight of an elephant”, or convert it into metric – “4989.51 kg.”

The Tesla and Twitter/X CEO blasted the program – and the company – for buying into the “woke” movement, a sentiment shared by many of his fans on the platform.

“MS Word is going woke”, one user tweeted in reply to Musk’s post.

“They really putting the Soft in Microsoft,” another quipped.

Even Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy added his two cents, saying that the control of language is the “best way to control the mind of a society.”

Musk has long been an advocate of absolute free speech, which he said was part of his motivation to acquire Twitter roughly a year ago. The outspoken tech billionaire also recently captured headlines after he posted a tweet many considered to be antisemitic, leading to several advertisers pulling out their ads from Twitter. Musk took issue with the advertisers’ actions, saying that they could “go **** themselves” at an event he was speaking at.

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