New York Could See a Head-To-Head House Race?!

( – On February 13 we are expected to hear the results of who will fill the House seat that was left empty after the expulsion of George Santos. Experts are saying that this election, taking place in the district of Long Island, could be a preview for the presidential election being held on November 5 where we will be electing a President and filling every House seat.

Lawrence Levy, who is an associate vice president at the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University said, “February 13 is really about November 5 in a lot of suburbs around the country, not just this one.”

“Both parties see this as a bellwether to test strategies and tactics and messages to see how they deal with various minefields they’re facing,” he continued.

He said that the Democrats will mostly be facing immigration, inflation, and Israel as their main issues, whereas for Republicans, he says that the main issue is abortion. Republicans, however, also want solutions to problems like sustaining Medicaid, Social Security, and Medicare.

They touched on the fact that Republicans really can’t afford to lose a House seat; the party is currently holding 219 seats, which is down from 222 last year. Because of the House seats, it’s a close call and anyone who changes positions in the upcoming elections can tip the House in Democrats’ favor.

The state has looked into a political leader to replace George Santos, considering Mazi Melesa Pilip, but there has been conflict since he has been a registered Democrat since 2012, which can cause problems.

As New York looks to hold this controversial election, it may be a precursor for the most intense and polarized presidential election in November.

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