Republicans Work to Recruit Women and Minority Candidates

( – House Republicans have been looking to recruit women, minorities, and veterans as candidates in order to expand their majority in the November election.

Representative Richard Hudson spoke out saying that there were at least four candidates that fit the criteria they were looking for to expand their “majority market” for the upcoming election. He listed off a few people starting with Prasanth Reddy, an American who immigrated from India, later joined the U.S. military, and is now running in Kansas’ congressional race. Hudson then mentioned Alison Esposito, who is running in New York, is a former police detective and is gay.

“These are not run-of-the-mill generic Republicans,” he said. He continues, “We beat 15 Democrats, and every one of those we beat with a woman, a minority candidate, or a veteran. That’s really been the playbook for the last two cycles. And so we’re using that same formula.”

Because Democrats tend to have the most female and minority voters, Republicans are taking on this action plan in hopes that they will have the same effects as they did in the midterm election of 2022.

With this being said, many are criticizing the party as they continue to speak out against minorities and diversity while pulling in minority and female candidates. Suzan DelBene of the House Democrats criticized the Republicans, saying, “I think they say a lot of things, but I think their actions really are what folks should look at. And their actions have been the opposite. They mock diversity and equity, and they put forward policies that go against diverse communities across the county.”

Hudson, and other Republicans, did say that it was their goal to come up with a team of Republican candidates that “represented America” and the diversity.

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