Turner Doubts There Will Be More UK Aide for Ukraine Approved in 2023

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – The head of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Turner (R-OH), has said that it would be tough to approve further US assistance to Israel and Ukraine before the year ends.

Turner said on Meet the Press that Congress will ensure that legislation will be modified to ensure that the US/Mexico border reverts to its former state. In Turner’s view, this may include implementing security measures, such as limiting the number of people allowed to enter the Mexican border seeking asylum.

According to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, there is still bipartisan support in Congress for Ukraine, and he will keep trying to get more money approved for Ukraine’s security and other requirements. After Biden signed a temporary measure that extended US government funding until early next year, Republicans in Congress are reportedly trying to link their support of foreign military assistance to stricter border restrictions.

Israel and Ukrainian legislation will be front and center when Congress returns to work this week. According to Senator Tom Cotton, who spoke on Fox News Sunday, the US must first make significant changes to border policy before giving Ukraine more money.

According to Ukranian state news, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has said categorically that, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, he would prioritize passing the extra funding. He emphasized that the United States Congress will soon begin drafting legislation to address issues like immigration reform, which must include funding for border security, and legislation pertaining to assistance for Israel and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, reports show that President Joe Biden’s reelection aspirations in 2024 are jeopardized by disputes among White House officials and other staffers about the administration’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Sources inside and outside of the White House have claimed that Biden’s backing of Israel’s defensive actions against Hamas is causing division within the administration, which has always taken pride in its ability to run a disciplined and cohesive operation.

The Biden administration’s internal power battle might alienate half the Democrat Party, allowing former President Trump, the Republican contender, to reclaim the office in 2024.

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