U.S. Government Spending Bill to Avoid Shutdown?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A short-term funding bill was passed just recently, which helped the United States avoid a government shutdown that was set to go into effect soon this weekend.

The bill passed would provide funding for a shorter period of time for government agencies to continue running. Some agencies are approved to run until March 8 while others are approved to run until March 22, providing a short-term fix to the funding situation.

The approval of this bill helped to stop a government shutdown that would have begun on Saturday due to a lack of funding for government agencies. The funding will help to avoid a pay disruption for government jobs such as food safety inspections and even air traffic controller pay.

Congress has yet to make any decisions on 12 different annual spending bills they must go through, although they did say that they were making progress with them. “We’ll get the job done,” Mike Johnson said in a meeting.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, said “I am happy to inform the American people that there will be no government shutdown on Friday. When we pass this bill, we will have avoided a shutdown with all its harmful effects on the American people,” For the funding bill to become a law and to take effect, Biden must now sign it as a law.

There’s been a lot of pressure on political figures to get funding approved or to come up with a solution to government funding. Chip Roy, a House representative from Texas claimed that he had an idea that would fund the government until September but they’d have to cut out all “non-defense spending.”

Many have looked for different ways to cut spending in other areas and provide an alternative to a government shutdown. The passing of bills has been in progress for months as there has been no agreement on the funding situation and it’s taken a huge delay, causing potential shutdowns.

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