Every Election Needs Poll Workers – Are You Ready?

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – The United States Election Assistance Commission, or EAC, encourages you to become an election worker.

According to the EAC website, a successful election cannot be achieved without election workers. The election process is the bedrock of our democracy, and millions of Americans commit themselves to keeping it strong with every vote. Those interested in helping out at the polling stations on election day are encouraged by EAC to get more information about the position, including how to sign up to volunteer with the nearest election official.

A checklist called the Poll Worker Preparedness Checklist was developed to provide assistance to poll workers as they get ready for Election Day. When poll workers prepare to serve their community, the checklist may help them feel more secure, confident, and prepared for Election Day.

To begin the process and determine whether or not you are qualified, you may read the State Compendium of Election Worker Laws and Statutes for more information.

You will discover whether or not you are required to be an authorized voter in the state in which you live. Investigate to see if there is a minimum age restriction. Determine whether or not there is a residence requirement, and learn whether or not you need to have a political party affiliation.

After that, get in touch with the election office in your area and register to become an election worker.

The EAV reports that polling locations and the people who staff them are at the heart of every American election.

In 2016, local election authorities were responsible for operating 116,990 polling sites, according to the EAVS.

The 917,694 poll workers were responsible for operating these voting locations. Election officials and lawmakers are always seeking ways to improve the process since generating the system for each election is a significant task.

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