United States Braces for Cicadas by the TRILLION?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – With the arrival of the cicada season, many of the Midwest and East areas of the United States are going to experience the rising of cicadas as well as their noticeable soundscape. The cicadas this year are coming mainly from two different groups and are said to be a full chorus of cicadas that have not been seen in hundreds of years.

The two cicada groups are referred to as Brood XIX and Brood XIII which is a rare event that hasn’t happened in hundreds of years. Catherine Dana, an entomologist who specializes in cicadas at the University of Illinois said, “It’s really exciting. I’ve been looking forward to this for many years. For the public, it’s going to be a really special experience.”

Brood XIX is the largest group of periodical cicadas emerging after thirteen years underground. Brood XIII comes out every seventeen years but this is a much smaller group. During this cicada event, there will be trillions of them coming up from the ground.

Dana emphasized the wonder of this event, saying, “I like to remind people that this is a natural wonder of the world. You just don’t see this biomass of terrestrial life anywhere else.”

Some people are excited to see the cicadas and have traveled to areas where large swarms will be emerging while others are trying to travel away from them. Cicadas are not dangerous to people or pets, and you should not be scared of them.

There is no known reason as to why these cicadas emerge like this in large numbers, but one theory is that it’s because there is a higher chance of survival for the species when they come out in large numbers. Experts have said that if you’re choosing to view the cicadas then you should do so from a distance without disturbing them.

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