AI Company Gives Help to Fruit and Nut Farmers

( – An artificial intelligence company in South Africa called Aerobotics is using its software and systems to help fruit and nut farmers increase production.

The African company has grown immensely over time and is now available in eighteen countries. California is ground zero for Aerobotics and has over seventy thousand farms and ranches.

“Dependent on the weather and water availability, the state has much to lose if the worst impacts of climate change on agriculture are not avoided,” said the California Climate and Agriculture Network.

Using AI with Aerobotics has allowed them to help increase the amount of produce that’s grown and to help the lack of water.

James Paterson, Aerobotics’ CEO, said, “Food security is a global challenge and everyone is being challenged to do more with less. Using the latest AI and different imagery sources, Aerobotics helps the fruit and nut industry make better decisions and improve yields.”

He continued saying that they are working with many different farmers and that they have over six hundred thousand acres of farmland in their platform. The users upload over one million images on their platform every year.

Paterson got his inspiration for the company after seeing firsthand how climate could affect farms and crops. This is what inspired him to start using drones and AI technology to help. The farmers have access to mobile phones and drones with AI technology which allows them to evaluate crops and utilize the technology to ensure the crops are sustained.

It helps to save a lot of time for farmers as they’re able to check their crops and view potential pests and other crop issues right from a device. It allows farmers to see individual crops and detect metrics such as size and color while looking at quality like blemishes or pests.

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