Apple’s DOJ Lawsuit Could Change Their Business Model?!

( – The U.S. Department of Justice has brought a case against Apple as they accused them of using the iPhone’s market power to cut off rivals and leave people with only one option: Apple.

If the DOJ wins the lawsuit, it could mean many changes to Apple’s business model. Apple has the chance to argue its case and prove that it hasn’t done anything illegal and isn’t a monopoly. This could give Apple an advantage in future lawsuits brought to the company.

The lawsuit has yet to be assigned to a judge and there is suspicion that Apple may request an out-of-state trial, or may ask for it to be dismissed. If the case continues, there is a possibility that Apple will need to defend their company to the public while awaiting trial.

The trial could be scheduled a year or so out as they gather evidence and develop an argument in defense. John Newman, a professor of law at the University of Miami, said that companies who are accused of antitrust violations often like to drag out the trial.

Newman asked these questions, saying, “Is the judge going to go with what the defendant proposes, which is inevitably years and years, tons and tons of discovery? Drag it out forever? Or they can actually step up and try to control that?”

Apple commented on the lawsuit saying that it “threatens who they are” and could prevent them from coming out with competitive tech products. The long trial could also mean that Apple would need to get legal approval on any new integration or product that they make within this time and they will have to focus on the trial instead of their business.

A former FTC commissioner, Kovacic said, “In past major antitrust cases, the real danger for the company is that the focus of attention becomes winning the antitrust lawsuits instead of winning customers and doing your job.”

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