Arrested Air National Guardsman Leaks Documents In Chatroom

( – In September 2019 Jack Teixera joined the Air National Guard as a cybersecurity systems journeyman, where he held the highest level security clearance, as a member of the 102nd Intelligence Wing. He climbed the ranks to airman first class in July 2022.

At only 21 years old it’s no surprise Jack Teixeira leaked classified documents to a Discord server. Teixeira was ultimately traced to his home in North Dighton, Massachusetts and arrested without incident on Thursday April 14 by the FBI.

Discord is a social networking service that heavily leans on an ever growing population of young gamers. In the last three years the user base has grown substantially with schools being shut down in March of 2020. Discord says it is cooperating with the federal investigation.

A young man, 17 years old, and only one member of the 20 to 30 other young men that are members of Teixeira’s Discord server, was interviewed on Monday April 10 by The New York Times.

“This guy was a Christian, anti-war, just wanted to inform some of his friends about what’s going on,” he revealed. “We have some people in our group who are in Ukraine. We like fighting games, we like war games.”

It is alleged that Teixeira initially transcribed the documents onto the server on site at Otis Air National Guard Base in Cape Cod by hand, but eventually resorted to bringing documents home and photographing them on his kitchen counter to accelerate the process.

The photographs reveal classified intelligence briefings detailing Ukraine’s combat abilities among other intelligence about U.S. allies and adversaries.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said the breach violates 18 U.S.C. 793, and 18 U.S.C. 1924 and carry serious penalties. Garland confirmed the case will be pursued in federal court but didn’t indicate if military charges will be brought as well.

“People who sign agreements to be able to receive classified documents acknowledge the importance to the national security of not disclosing those documents,” Garland said, “And we intend to send that message, how important it is to our national security.”

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