Authorities Plan For Potential Threats During Upcoming Election

Authorities Concerned About Threats During Upcoming Election

( – According to a new federal bulletin, law enforcement is already preparing for an effort to protect nominating conventions from potential threats at the upcoming election.

These Republican and Democratic gatherings will make targets for attackers and those who are interested in making a disruption. Authorities are worried about attackers embarrassing or attacking someone in front of an in-person or television audience.

A Department of Homeland Security analysis laid out different potential threats so law enforcement can properly prepare and address issues if they happen during these events as well as recognize any buildup to potential threats.

The DHS bulletin said, “Nation-state and non-state threat actors may view these events as an opportunity to influence or disrupt the U.S. political process using hostile or violent disruption tactics on a national media stage.”

These conventions are publicized, and aired on television, and so threats could come from anything like a cyberattack, physical attack, or a mission to instill violence at these events.

Elizabeth Neumann, DHS Assistant Secretary said, “Our current environment is a tinderbox – and you never know which match is going to land and light a fire. So, whether it’s a parade celebrating the Super Bowl – or a major political convention – we don’t know where the threat might come from, or who might do it, but we know it’s coming – so we’ve got to expect the unexpected, and prepare for all of it.”

Many authorities have said that the preparation for a threat during this election is unlike any before because the potential of a threat is so much more likely as tensions during this election are at an all-time high. They have started preparing for any type of threat as the potential threats are expanding with the addition of cyber threats and other technological threats to televised and aired conventions or gatherings.

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