Biden Supports Japan’s Outreach to North Korea

( – President Joe Biden has said that he is in support of Japan reaching out to North Korea and says that this is a “good thing.” He also said that he would be open to talking to Kim as well without preconditions.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Joe Biden had a meeting in Washington that was meant to show their strength in defense amid potential threats from China and North Korea. The support from the United States comes as Biden pushes to reopen communication and partnership with North Korea, but the statement has not been responded to.

Biden stated, “We welcome the opportunity of our allies to initiate dialogue with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.” He continued, “As I’ve said many times, we’re open to dialogue ourselves without preconditions with the DPRK.”

“The window of a discussion with North Korea is open,” said Kishisa, adding, “The establishment of a meaningful relationship between Japan and North Korea is in the interests of both Japan and North Korea and it could be hugely beneficial to the peace and stability of the region.”

The Biden Administration has pushed for a conversation with Kim since he took office. Former United States President Donald Trump had meetings with Kim during his presidency but this did not make any changes to North Korea’s advancement into nuclear weaponry.

With this said, both Biden and Kishida have said that any conversation that’s had must involve a resolution for the Japanese that North Korea has abducted.

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