California Green Agenda Targets All Modes of Transportation?!

( – California has been pursuing a climate agenda that plans to target transportation, even though they have gotten major pushback on the potential economic implications that this could have. The California Air Resources Board has finalized new rules that would make the state move from petroleum-powered transportation options to zero-emissions travel.

California Air Resources Board has called out passenger cars, heavy trucking, freight trains, and harbor vessels to make the switch. “We can solve this climate crisis if we focus on the big, bold steps necessary to cut pollution,” Governor Newsom said.

CARB has put regulations in place that would phase out new gas-powered cars to become fully electric by 2035. With this said twenty other states have adopted this rule as well.

Environmentalists have looked into transportation as the first big category to help with climate change because of the excessive emissions that it releases. There has been a huge push to stop global warming, especially with regulations set by Paris. California’s transportation sector accounts for almost forty percent of all emissions which is much more than the industrial and power sectors.

Newsom revealed his California Climate Commitment a couple of years ago which initiated the state’s mission to a cleaner environment. According to Newsom, this plan would include pushing out fossil fuels and the reliance on them, cutting greenhouse emissions by eighty-five percent, pushing for green energy, and decreasing oil demand.

The regulations have been criticized by many different people as they claim that the plan is not feasible. Even the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, which represents a market of automobile makers who are in support of the EV transition, says that they have a problem with how reasonable the plan is.

Some people have even ridiculed how pushy the state seems to be in making everyone transition and making it even more difficult for Californians to have their own personal vehicle and personal transportation.

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