Donald Trump Sues Former Lawyer and Fixer Michael Cohen

( – From a real estate executive to the personal attorney of the president of the United States, even an author of the book “Disloyal”, Michael Cohen can seemingly do it all. Perhaps everything except tell the truth.

Michael Cohen pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a three year prison term in 2018 when he admitted to making false statements to a financial institution and arranging hush money payments to adult film star, Stormy Daniels, and former Playboy model, Karen McDougal.

Cohen maintains he was directed to make the payments by Trump since his prosecution, but Trump denies the alleged affairs happened or responsibility for the payments to silence them.

Despite finding evidence against Cohen, the Southern District of New York’s federal prosecutors decided not to charge Trump in 2019 and the Federal Election Commission dropped a case related to the hush money payments in 2021.

In the lawsuit are details of the relationship Michael Cohen held as counsel within the Trump Organization and with Trump himself. Further the lawsuit outlines statements by federal prosecutors that “[Cohen] chose to capitalize on his confidential relationship with [Trump] to pursue financial gain and repair a reputation shattered by his repeated misrepresentations and deceptive acts, fueled by his animus toward [Trump] and his family members.”

The lawsuit states Cohen “unlawfully converted [Trump’s] business property when he fraudulently misrepresented a business expenditure and stated that he was owed an extra $74,000 over the true amount of the expenditure.”

Trump’s lawsuit also cites Cohen’s own book, “Disloyal,” where Cohen admits to defrauding Trump by bumping up his bonus fee in order to “counter screw” Trump and exceed what he was actually owed as reimbursement of a payment made on Trump’s behalf.

Cohen past statements about Trump boasting his own “loyalty” to the former President, his view of Trump as “an honorable guy”, and also “one man who wants to do so much good with so many detractors against him needs [Cohen’s] support,”

Who needs detractors with attorneys like Michael Cohen?

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