England Limits Age For Gender Transition to 16 Years Old

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Two U.S. legislators are piggybacking off of an England law that changed the previous law for gender transitioning in order to push their agenda.

Lawmakers across multiple U.S. states have compared this England law to their law limiting or restricting gender-transitioning health to minors. Large health organizations in both Europe and the U.S. have pushed transgender care for both youth and adults in the past.

England’s new law states that people younger than sixteen years old are not allowed to begin a medical transition. Originally, they placed a law that would limit when puberty blockers could be started. In order to follow this, they wouldn’t be supplying puberty blockers to teenagers who wanted to undergo a gender transition.

Many think that this law may not go into effect since denying puberty blockers to youth doesn’t have much support in the public. Many other United States lawmakers have cited this law from England to support their own decisions when it comes to transgender health.

State Senator Beverly Gossage from Kansas used the new law in England in order to push their own law. She stated, “In England, they’ve declared that there could be no gender-affirming care other than therapy for children because the scientific proof is not there.”

People who are on the opposing side have said that there are a lot of uses for puberty blockers and that they aren’t just geared toward transgender people. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health spoke out regarding the situation.

They said in a statement, “Decisions about healthcare must be driven by clinical evidence, not by politics. The NHS has provided no indication what criteria it will use to monitor the harm its decision may cause, putting youth and families at enormous risk for no legitimate medical purpose.”

Puberty blockers are a common thing that is prescribed to people for various reasons such as to stop early puberty and to help the unwanted physical features that are not associated with their gender, such as beards or breasts.

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