Experts Say You Don’t Want to Miss This Eclipse

( – There has been a lot of talk regarding the upcoming solar Eclipse and how it’s supposed to be a more intense Eclipse than the one we saw seven years ago.

Celestial mechanics have said that one spot on Earth can expect to see full darkness and this year the Eclipse will last longer than the previous one. In fact, the moment of pitch-black darkness, when the sun is fully covered, will last double the amount of time that it did in the last Eclipse.

Two hundred thousand people are expected to go to viewing locations in Illinois to see the event and there are expected to be millions across the globe traveling to viewing areas to witness the event. Many places that are quite popular and heavily populated will experience totality, which is what experts are calling the point of total darkness.

Dr. Kelly Korreck, the US space agency’s eclipse program manager spoke out about how many people will be able to experience the Eclipse this time around, “This is going to be the most populated eclipse in the US, with 31.5 million people able to just walk outside of their homes to experience it,” he said.

NASA is expected to do multiple tests during this time, launching rockets and jet planes into the sky. Dr. Amir Caspi from the Southwest Research Institute said “The reason that we’re flying aeroplanes, besides the fact that it’s really cool, is because getting up high into the atmosphere means you can actually access wavelengths of light you can’t do from the ground.”

The shadow of the Eclipse will start in the Pacific Ocean and will then race across the Earth at 1,500mph. Experts are excited about the Eclipse as it’s the best way to be able to view the sun’s corona and study it. They have also said that because so many places will be able to see it this time, there is more opportunity to study various areas and get more information during that time.

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