Feinstein Heavily Dependent On Staff To Continue Functioning

Feinstein Heavily Dependent On Staff To Continue Functioning

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Senator Dianne Feinstein is constantly protected by a vast entourage of aides who apparently direct her votes, clear up any confusion, and keep her out of the spotlight.

This month, Feinstein returned to her place on the Senate Judiciary Committee and was flanked by a phalanx of staff members as she entered the hearing chamber. A female assistant who sat behind her seemed to offer her a piece of paper as she spoke during a vote on one of President Biden’s judicial nominations. The assistant crouched beside her and spoke quietly in her ear while she voted.

Daily life on Capitol Hill for Ms. Feinstein has come under increased scrutiny as a growing number of Democrats express growing worry about her insistence on remaining in a position she cannot complete without substantial and continuous assistance from her aides.

Ms. Feinstein’s memory issues have necessitated far more assistance than is typically given to senators. She has been heard asking staff employees to explain the upcoming votes since she doesn’t understand them.

Since she has returned to work, albeit on a reduced schedule, her team has taken extra precautions to ensure she is never unattended. The Capitol Police and the Senate sergeant-at-arms have made great efforts to protect Ms. Feinstein from the press, helping to create a bubble around her while her staffers act as go-betweens.

Staff members in Ms. Feinstein’s office struggle to balance their civic duties and their obligations to an ill-equipped senator who is nonetheless responsible for representing California’s 40 million citizens.

This month, it was reported that Senator Feinstein had encephalitis due to shingles. When asked by a CNN reporter, she refuted the news, saying she had suffered from a “bad flu.”

Critics on the left, frustrated by Dianne Feinstein’s failure to resign, have attacked her staff, saying they are helping to prop up a senator who should no longer be serving.

Ms. Feinstein’s office gets over five million pieces of constituent contact every year, and the information is given to her in color-coded folders. What she reads, retains, or responds to is not known.

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