GOP Opens Probe Into Global Energy Group

( – A probe has been opened into the International Energy Agency by two leaders in the Senate and House. The decision was made after reviewing reports and assessing the company’s business mission.

They wrote a letter to the International Energy Agency saying that the agency has moved away from its original core mission of “promoting energy security.” The probe is being brought on by John Barrasso from the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and Cathy McMorris Rodgers from the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

“We would argue that in recent years the IEA has been undermining energy security by discouraging sufficient investment in energy supplies,” they said in the letter. “Moreover, its energy modeling no longer provides policymakers with balanced assessments of energy and climate proposals. Instead, it has become an ‘energy transition’ cheerleader,” it continued.

This comes only a short time after the Biden Administration paused export projects related to liquified natural gas. In the letter, they continued to say that the reason for them pausing it was because of the agency’s “unrealistic modeling.” In response, the IEA has said that the Biden Administration looked at forecasts instead of internal studies in order to make this decision.

However, a previous International Energy Agency leader said that the reports that the administration relied on to make its decision were very troubling. The U.S. Department of Energy has said that they are a huge asset, but that things have changed over recent years and they are no longer supporting their “mission.”

Republicans have criticized the agency for the change in direction when it comes to “building net-zero emissions energy systems to comply with internationally agreed climate goals” and pursuing decarbonization policies.

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