Green Hydrogen Tech Boss Warns of AI Energy Consumption?!

( – The Chief Technology officer of Ceres Power has spoken out about the energy usage that could come from utilizing artificial intelligence as it becomes more popular.

Caroline Hargrove, the CTO of Ceres Power, said “What scares me is the energy consumption if you’re using ChatGPT for simple queries.” An International Energy Agency report said that on average, a Google search takes about 0.3 watt-hours of electricity, but doing a ChatGPT request takes about 2.9 watt-hours.

To put this in perspective, they said that with nine billion searches daily, it would be about ten terawatt-hours of additional electricity per year. The report also said that the “AI industry is expected to have grown exponentially to consume at least ten times its electricity demand in 2023.”

She stated that if consumption is not limited properly then this could result in a large amount of energy consumption. Many people believe that this situation is going to help out efficiency and optimize things, but can be a problem if it’s not controlled and many people are utilizing it too often.

The Climate Action Against Disinformation Coalition was published to look into the risks that AI could pose when it comes to climate change. Based on the findings, the coalition said that they recommend companies be transparent in reporting the energy used and emissions produced by the AI models that they use.

They also said that companies should be penalized if they are not complying with this and they fail to comply with reporting or regulating their artificial intelligence models.

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