Household Tech Creates Security Nightmare

( – Reports show that a flaw that might leave houses vulnerable to burglaries and thefts has been fixed in the Nest update that Google has finally released.

Within the last month, an upgrade for Nest Cam devices with version number 1.69 caused all night vision video to become grainy. The footage taken during the daylight hours had been substantially undamaged.

According to 9to5Google, the security flaw kept a Nest client from obtaining video of their vehicle getting broken into during the night in October. It’s possible that the video would have been helpful to the police in their investigation to find the thief.

At the beginning of this month, a customer posted on X that the video quality of their smart doorbell is arguably the poorest of any other at the present time since software update 1.69. The advice consumers received via a Google support site advised them to wipe down their camera lenses after they first complained about the 1.69 upgrade, according to those who were afflicted by it.

The good news is that Google has subsequently verified that the problem is a software defect and that a fix is currently being sent to affected Nest Cam devices. The update rollout has already begun.

These are the models that are affected: Nest Cam (battery version), Nest Doorbell (battery version), and Wire-based Nest Doorbell (second generation).

The 1.70 update will be made accessible to all consumers over the next several weeks.

No matter which Nest Cam you choose, the Google Store website claims they come loaded with useful functions. You can uncover even more video history with Nest Aware (which is sold separately). You can customize the alerts to focus on specific objects like people, animals, and cars.

It has 1080p HDR video both indoors and outdoors, and you can see up to three hours of footage. To access even more video history, you may upgrade to Nest Aware, which is available separately.

Models run from 100 up to 300 dollars.

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