If Elected Trump Will Pull U.S. From NATO?!

Hillary Clinton Says Trump Will Pull U.S. From NATO

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Hillary Clinton said that former President Donald Trump would pull the United States from NATO if he is elected as president.

Clinton was at the Munich Security Conference in Germany when she spoke about this. She essentially told the conference to take what Trump says seriously because he does mean what he says.

Clinton said, “We have a long struggle ahead of us, and the obvious point to make about Donald Trump is take him literally and seriously.”

“He means what he says. People did not take him literally and seriously in 2016. Now he is telling us what he intends to do, and people who try to wish it away, brush it away, are living in an alternative reality.”

Even from these comments from Clinton, Jens Stoltenberg, who is the NATO Secretary General, said that, regardless of the election results, the United States would “remain a strong ally and committed ally.” However, Clinton is saying that Trump means what he says because if he does win the election, he may take the actions he spoke of.

“He will do everything he can to become an absolute authoritarian leader if given the opportunity to do so,” Clinton warned the conference, “And he will pull us out of NATO even though the Congress passed a resolution saying that he couldn’t without congressional support, because he will just not fund our obligations.”

Clinton’s comments come in response to Trump’s critical view of NATO which he has had since he took office in 2016. In his most recent statement, he said that countries that don’t meet the NATO budget shouldn’t be protected, which was a controversial comment according to many other political leaders.

Stoltenberg did speak out about Trump’s comment on NATO countries but ended up saying that she felt the stance would stay the same no matter who won the November election. With this being said, many countries did look into their contributions amid his comments to make sure they were in line with their required contributions.

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