Illinois Judge Removes Trump From Primary Ballot Due to Convictions

( – An Illinois judge has ruled that former President Donald Trump will not appear on their primary election ballot due to the current convictions he is facing for his role in the Capitol Riot.

Tracie Porter, a Cook County Circuit Judge in Illinois, made a ruling stating that they would remove Donald Trump from the state ballot due to his role in the January 6 Capitol Riot. However, the judge recently postponed her ruling as they await an appeal by Donald Trump.

Porter agreed with voters who felt that Donald Trump shouldn’t be allowed to run for president and should be disqualified from both ballots (the primary and the general election ballots). The reasoning for taking him off the ballot is his violation of the 14th Amendment’s “anti-insurrection clause.”

According to the clause, the violation is if someone takes an oath to support the United States and then “engages in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” Donald Trump encouraged a group of supporters to go to the Capitol Building on January 6 during the transfer of Joe Biden’s Presidency.

This caused a riot where both police and civilians were hurt and there has been an ongoing case for Trump’s role in this as well as the supporters who took part in it. Trump’s convictions have left states deciding whether or not to host his name on their primary ballots.

The outcome of this ruling will be decided by the Supreme Court, as will other similar rulings as the Supreme Court decides Donald Trump’s eligibility to be on the ballot. Other states such as Maine and Colorado also ruled to remove Donald Trump from their ballots, but their decisions will also be on hold until Trump’s appeals.

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