Israel Planning Military Offense in Gaza Despite Concerns?!

( – The Israeli defense minister said that Israel is currently planning to target the Gazan city of Rafah in a military offensive. However, there is growing concern about the safety of many Palestinians who have sought refuge there due to the many possible risks that could arise if they decide to carry out a strike there.

The United States President, Joe Biden, is pressuring Israel to abandon this strike on Rafah unless they have a plan to keep civilians safe, and is asking them to utilize what means they need to get to a cease-fire instead. There has been a big push from many political leaders for a cease-fire.

About 1.4 million Palestinians have been pushed into Rafah as most of them have been displaced because of the active war and strikes elsewhere, thus moving into Rafah for protection. Because of this, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that Rafah is the next target for Israel.

“We are thoroughly planning future operations in Rafah, which is a significant Hamas stronghold,” Gallant stated. They haven’t given any other details other than that they would plan to remove all civilians from the area first as this has been a concern for Biden and other political leaders.

They have said that there’s no real “safe place” for these refugees to go since Israel continues to bomb the only areas that refugees can move to. The country is running out of places to keep civilians safe and Egypt has warned many times not to push these civilians over the border into Egypt as this could break the Peace Agreement of 1979 between Israel and Egypt.

Israel has spoken out saying “The state of Israel has no intention of evacuating Palestinian civilians to Egypt. We respect and value our peace agreement with Egypt, which is a cornerstone of stability in the region as well as an important partner.”

This is not believed by Egypt, however, since it seems to be preparing for this situation to unfold as they’ve been seen creating barriers and leveling land at its border with Gaza.

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