Rolls Royce Speaks on Large Funding Project for 1,000 Jobs

( – Rolls Royce has come out to speak about Australia’s Aukus funding which will, according to them, make over one thousand jobs for people in Derby in the United Kingdom.

The project was jointly funded, but the UK’s Ministry of Defence is expected to gain new office space and manufacturing facilities as part of it. The Australian government said that they’d be sending over four billion dollars to the UK over the next ten years in order to help facilitate the Rolls Royce nuclear reactor production line.

Although specifics behind the funding haven’t been revealed, they did say that the funding would “enable the Rolls-Royce factory in Derby to operate at an increased rate of production”.

“Now jointly funded by UK MOD and the Australian Department of Defence, the expansion work announced last summer will create over 1,000 new jobs in Derby across a range of disciplines, including manufacturing and engineering,” the company put on their website.

We’ve not seen any details or breakdown of the plan that’s supposed to commence over the next ten years yet but the Australian government has been pushing forward and sees the investment as crucial.

Rolls Royce was thankful for the funding and spoke out expressing gratitude and saying that they already had a project underway in order “to double the size of the Rolls-Royce Submarines site in Raynesway, Derby.”

There was slight back and forth when it came to the approval of the funding as the Australian government was asked to be transparent with the Australian public regarding the funding, where it’s coming from, and the job possibilities that will come from it.

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