Small Brands Could Suffer Among TikTok Ban?!

( – The United States has given the owner of TikTok, ByteDance, six months to give up ownership of the app or face a nationwide ban.

There isn’t a lot of progress here but the U.S. did approve the ban and now we are waiting for the Chinese company to make their decision. Although the controversy over the app has been in the open, many people and businesses could suffer from a TikTok ban.

The ban was put in place because of the growing concern around security threats associated with TikTok as they are a Chinese-owned social media app. Officials and lawmakers have stressed that this app could be used to collect personal data or access other information that could pose a threat.

TikTok’s main demographic is younger users, which makes it the best platform to reach a younger audience from a business perspective. With this said small businesses have utilized the social media platform to expand their business and reach younger consumers.

A lot of small businesses have relied on this platform in particular and the banning of TikTok could really put a damper on the advertising of these businesses.

Social media platforms are a great way to get organic traffic to advertisements in one place, which has been a benefit for new, upcoming, and established businesses. Larger-scale businesses have already built their audience and brand so they are not as reliant on TikTok, but this can still affect their business as well.

Businesses have started to put into place new plans with the potential ban of TikTok which include utilizing other platforms, influencers, and opting for paid advertisements on other platforms. There could potentially be a gap in the market now with the banning of TikTok and businesses are looking to find a way to fill it.

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