Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Teachers to Carry Guns?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Republican lawmakers in Tennessee have come together to propose a law that would allow some teachers to carry handguns in school.

The vote was twenty-six to five and promoted Senate Bill 1325, which would allow faculty in schools to carry a handgun as long as they meet certain requirements. With this said, the teachers must have a carry permit, written authorization from the principal and local law enforcement, and also go to forty hours of handgun training.

The bill was passed after a deadly shooting took place at The Covenant School, a Private Christian Elementary school located in Nashville, Tennessee which left three students and three teachers dead.

The bill doesn’t require the teachers to be armed and it also would not disclose which teachers did carry handguns, apart from the principals and law enforcement knowing who had one. Those who were in support of the bill have said that this could allow teachers to be a more immediate response in a shooting situation.

Republican Sen. Ken Yager defended the bill, saying, “It’s time that we look at the facts of the bill, that we are not trying to shoot a student, but protect a student from an active shooter whose sole purpose is to get into that school and kill people.”

Those who were against the bill said that this could cause more problems and that the bill could be dangerous. Some said that teachers didn’t ask for this and this isn’t necessarily what they meant when they said they wanted to protect the kids more.

With this said, teachers who do carry are not expected to ever use their weapon even against an active shooter and it’s a safety measure at the very least. This goes hand in hand with the state laws changing to expand and include long guns and also the difference in what age someone must be to be able to carry a handgun.

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