U.S. Foundation Cancels RBG Awards After Controversy?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Controversy over a plan to award Rupert Murdoch and Elon Musk an honor named after the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has led to a cancellation.

“While we believe each of the honorees is worthy of our respect for their leadership and their notable contributions, the foundation has decided that the planned ceremony in April 2024 will be canceled,” said the chair of the Dwight D Opperman Foundation, Julie Opperman.

She added a statement saying that they didn’t mean to offend anyone and that they were looking to show her respect, but that it would be canceled in order not to offend the friends and family of RBG.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg was the second woman appointed to the Supreme Court and spent over twenty-five years in the position. She passed away in September of 2020 at the age of 87 years old and now her family is looking for ways to represent her and keep her memory alive.

The award that was being presented was created by the late great RBG. She said that the award would represent “women who have strived to make the world a better place for generations that follow their own, women who exemplify human qualities of empathy and humility, and who care about the dignity and well-being of all who dwell on planet Earth.”

There was also a lot of issue with the fact that the award was being handed over to two men when the award itself was supposed to be solely for women. Family members said that they received calls stating how upset they were about the decision to do this and the awards were canceled the day after it was announced, because of how much backlash it received in such a short amount of time.

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