U.S. Plans to Spend $6B to Reduce Carbon Footprint

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – The Biden Administration has announced that they would be making changes to reduce carbon emissions of United States industry facilities.

The United States and many other nations have spoken about the importance of decarbonizing many of the plants that are operating. The United States has just come out saying that they will be doing this with many facilities including plants that make cement, concrete, iron, steel, and food production plants that make foods like ice cream and mac and cheese.

It’s said that this type of industry makes up for one-fourth of the emissions so combatting this area would make a significant difference. Jennifer Granholm, who is the energy secretary, said the technologies are“replicable, scalable, and will set a new gold standard for clean manufacturing in the United States and around the world.”

They have said that this program is expected to eliminate fourteen million tons of pollution annually as well. There are multiple funded projects such as Kraft Heinz will install heat pumps, electric heaters, and electric boilers to decarbonize food production at 10 facilities. Other projects include a steel corporation that will get rid of one blast furnace to make way for two electric furnaces and hydrogen-based ironmaking technology.

These are only some of the projects that are being funded but they are taking place across multiple states and it is the beginning of a larger impact movement on decarbonizing the world. Mike Ireland, president and CEO of the Portland Cement Association was optimistic about the changes, saying, “I think the United States can be a leader here.”

Ireland even spoke out saying that the United States technologies could be adopted elsewhere in order to build scalable cities in a sustainable way.

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