United States Finally Puts Limit on PFAS in Water

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – The United States Environmental Protection Agency has just announced that they will be putting legally enforceable limits on PFAS, or forever chemicals, in drinking water.

Experts have said that this limitation could change public health completely and it will dramatically improve the safety of the water within the nation. These PFAS are called forever chemicals because they remain in our bodies in nature since they don’t break down. These chemicals have been found recently in many different products as well as in drinking water for a lot of people.

After a recent study, it’s been found that these forever chemicals have been in the drinking water of almost two hundred million people. Exposure to these chemicals can cause cancer and other serious health risks.

“Americans have been drinking contaminated water for decades, but today’s action will finally get these toxic chemicals out of our water,” said Melanie Benesh, who works at the Environmental Working Group, a group that helps to track PFAS contamination in water across the globe.

Officials have said that this limitation will reduce exposure for up to one hundred million people and it will help to prevent many different illnesses such as cancer.

“The result is a comprehensive and life-changing rule, one that will improve the health and vitality of so many communities across our country,” said Michael Regan.

After years of issuing different health advisories over the issue, there has been a new limit set for the maximum amount of contaminant levels in the drinking water. The EPA said that the new limit is reflective of the updated science that has been discovered which says that no level of these chemicals is safe to have in drinking water.

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