US Airstrike Takes Out Five Militia Members

( – U.S. military forces stationed in Iraq have managed to prevent an attack on itself after launching a preemptive strike against Iraqi militants, killing five.

U.S. military launched an air strike against the militants, who were located close to the city of Kirkuk, in Iraq’s northern region. The “self-defense strike on an imminent threat” targeted members of a group called the Hashed al-Shaabi, according to sources of various news outlets. The Hashed al-Shaabi is also reportedly one of the many Islamic jihadist groups that receive funding and support from Iran. Other reports peg the group’s name to be the Islamic Resistance but also note a connection to Iran.

The target was reportedly preparing to fire explosive projectiles on U.S. and international forces stationed in the area and were considered an “imminent threat.” U.S. troops have also launched targeted attacks against hostile forces in the area. Two such offensives were conducted in November alone. U.S. forces say that these militants are also aligned with, and supported by, Iran.

The group has also reportedly vowed to strike back in revenge for the deaths of their comrades but have already been pegged as the group behind other attacks against U.S. forces in the past. The most recent attack as of press time was a rocket barrage at the Rumalyn Landing Zone, which is located in northeastern Syria. Fortunately, no casualties or damage to any significant infrastructure was reported.

According to reporting from Reuters, American forces have been attacked more than 70 times since October 17, in light of the U.S.’ support of Israel in the latter’s war with Hamas. There was a brief ceasefire in the region that was able to facilitate Hamas’ release of several of its hostages from the October 7 attacks in exchange for Israel’s release of a number of Palestinian prisoners of war.

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