Brazil Plans to Release Millions of Anti-Dengue Mosquitoes?!

( – Brazil has been dealing with a Dengue fever outbreak, and they have just come up with their next plan of attack.

Millions of anti-Dengue mosquitos are being released into six different Brazilian cities where they will provide protection for millions of people. There have been over a million people infected with Dengue over the last year and it has caused fatal cases.

They’ve said that strategies with newer technology and ideas, such as the release of this mosquito that has bacteria present to protect people from the disease, can make a huge difference in the areas with higher cases of infection.

Because of this concerning health issues, there is a need for special areas where people are taking care of and keeping those mosquitos with good bacteria alive so they can combat Dengue fever.

They are focusing on the breeding and “production” of mosquitos as many places are ordering them. These mosquitos are the best way to keep people from contracting Dengue fever and health officials have said that they are planning on opening another mosquito-breeding lab that could bring many more mosquitos into Brazil.

There has been a huge difference in the amount of virus cases in some places versus others depending on the amount of Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes that are available and released in the area.

“Our projections show that within 10 years, we will be able to protect around 70 million Brazilians across various cities,” said Moreira, a researcher who is working with the mosquitos and working on a plan to create another breeding facility.

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