Cities Where Men Make Less Than Women?!

( – It’s said that men tend to outearn women when it comes to average statistics or even in certain job roles, but there are over forty different cities where women outearn men. According to a new report that was released, there were ten cities that stood out where women outearned men.

The top earning city for women was Bowie, Maryland where the average income of a woman there is about eighty thousand annually. Other cities were included as well, such as Fort Washington, Maryland; Oakland, California; Hackensack, New Jersey; and Newark, Delaware among others.

The lowest average mentioned is Chamblee, Georgie where women earn an average of fifty-eight thousand a year. Across the United States, a woman is paid $0.84 for every dollar that a man makes, which usually contributes to a lower salary.

One area where women tend to get paid a fair amount compared to men, or where women have a higher earning power, is Washington, D.C. This is mostly because government jobs tend to have a fairer pay structure for both men and women.

The largest city mentioned in the list is Oakland, California which has a population of over 360,000 people. The pay difference between a median income for men and women is a difference of just one hundred dollars, but still puts women slightly above men in terms of income pay.

Experts did say that they found the places where women had a higher income than men had a low median income overall, which could have contributed to the results. The city with the top-earning women is Jacksonville, North Carolina, but the overall average income is only around thirty-thousand. In this case, they say that Jacksonville has a lot of government and military jobs, which would contribute to fairer pay.

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