Critics Calling Out Plastic Industry for Lying About Recycling?!

Critics Call Out Plastics Companies for Lying?!

( – Jan Dell, a former chemical engineer, has spoken out about the lies that plastic companies portray. On average, the United States generates about forty-eight million tons of plastic waste annually and only about five to six percent of it is actually recycled.

“So many people, they see the recyclable label, and they put it in the recycle bin,” Dell said. “But the vast majority of plastics are not recycled.”

Dell founded a non-profit called The Last Beach Cleanup with the goal of fighting plastic pollution. She said that those arrows going around don’t necessarily mean that the package will be recycled. She said that the recycle symbol came about in 1988 when it was used to show that plastic waste wasn’t an issue because it was recyclable.

The “Fraud of Plastic Recycling”, a recently released report, accuses the plastics industry of deceiving people and lying about the viability of plastic recycling.

Says Allen, “They couldn’t ever lie about the existence of plastic waste…But they created a lie about how we could solve it, and that was recycling.”

After being asked why the industry pushes recycling if it doesn’t make sense economically, he said “The plastics industry understands that selling recycling sells plastic, and they’ll say pretty much whatever they need to say to continue doing that. That’s how they make money.”

The reason that most plastics can’t be recycled is because they are made of a combination of oil and gas which can’t all be recycled together. Recycling was brought into existence when the plastic industry was facing a ban and industry leaders wanted to save it.

Allen continued to say that these results prove that plastic recycling is not working and he says that they viewed recycling as a “public relations problem” instead of a technical problem that they should solve.

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