Florida Deputy Resigns after Inappropriate Interactions

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A deputy from Marion County in Florida has stepped down from his post following an investigation that revealed that he had engaged in “inappropriate contact” towards two women, one of them a minor.

Fox News reported Deputy Dylan Fruh resigned after an internal investigation found him to have breached a number of critical guidelines, such as the use of an information database for non-work-related searches, as well as not turning on his body camera. He was also found to have committed dereliction of duty. The violations were committed on two separate incidents.

The first incident occurred when Fruh conducted a traffic stop in August. Fruh stopped a 17-year-old girl and after a little discussion, he let her off with a warning. However, the officer followed the girl to the McDonalds she told him she was headed to, where he asked for her phone number – which she gave – and asked if they could “get a nugget” together. The girl told investigators she agreed give the deputy her number because “he’s a cop” adding that “if a cop asks me to do something, then I’m going to do it.” Fruh then proceeded to send text messages to the girl because, he reasoned to investigators, “it would be funny.” He also used his police phone to do a search on the girl because he said he was “curious.” Asked why, he said that he did not know.

The second incident occurred when Fruh was canvassing a neighborhood for a couple of individuals who reported being stuck in a nearby swamp. A girl answered one of the doors Fruh knocked on, and the deputy left after a brief interaction where the girl said that she did not have any information for him. However, the girl, despite not giving any personal details to Fruh, received a text message from the latter. When she asked how he got her number, the deputy responded, “Girl, we got resources.” It turns out that Fruh did not knock on any other doors and chose that particular house because he thought that the girl was “cute.” He also used the police database not only to look for the girl’s number but also look up a photo of her.

Suspensions were handed down against Fruh for the violations, but he eventually decided to resign.

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