Gaza Hospital Chief Admits to Being Hamas

( – The director of northern Gaza’s Kamal Adwan Hospital has come clean about his affiliation with Hamas and the terrorist group’s use of his facility for military purposes.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) interrogated Ahmad Kahlot, the hospital head, when they took possession of the facility last week.Interrogation footage of Kahlot was published on December 19th. Kahlot, who joined the terrorist organization in 2010 and completed military training, described himself as a senior officer holding a comparable rank of brigadier general.

Kahlot explained how and why Hamas employed the hospital. He said that no one would target them in the hospital.
American intelligence already knew that Hamas utilizes civilian infrastructure to attack from, which endangers Palestinians since war regulations allow civilian infrastructure to be attacked once it is used for military purposes.

In defiance of international law, Hamas has occupied the Gaza Strip since 2007, storing missiles, disseminating propaganda, and hiding command headquarters in infrastructure and tunnels, including hospitals. The Palestinian terrorist group also uses medical facilities as safe havens.

According to Kahlot, his hospital was a base for nearly a hundred Hamas operatives. Among their roles in the hospital were those of doctor, nurse, and clerk. Kahlot said the hospital included rooms for special security, as well as offices for political figures and facilities to hold captives. Hamas used private telephone lines for communication.

Kahlot verified that ambulances are used by Hamas for military operations. He also called Hamas members “cowards” for taking cover in hidden areas and letting innocent people bear the brunt of their terrorist actions.

The IDF discovered a network of tunnels under Gaza’s Shifa Hospital in November. The tunnels comprised a kitchen, air-conditioned chambers, and restrooms. As Gaza’s largest hospital, Shifa has 1,200 beds. For years, Israel has been warning that Hamas officials were taking advantage of the hospital’s protected status by constructing a network of tunnels and a major bunker underneath.

Armed terrorists brought Israeli captives captured on October 7 into Shifa Hospital, according to a security video published by the IDF on November 19. Near Shifa Hospital, the Israeli Defense Forces found the bodies of two Israeli captives, Yehudit Weiss and Noa Marciano.

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