NY Dem Under Fire for Calling for Trump to Be Eliminated

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A Democrat lawmaker who made a remark about former president Donald Trump needing to be “eliminated” that caused an uproar on social media is now trying to back away from his comments. Reports show Rep. Daniel Goldman of New York tweeted on X the following day that he unintentionally used the incorrect term to describe how important it is for America that Donald Trump does not become the President again.

Goldman said that while Trump must be defeated, he absolutely desired no harm caused to him, and he does not condone violence. He then apologized for the terrible choice of words.

The statement Goldman made about Trump regarding January 6 was made over the weekend when President Biden’s (and Obama’s) former White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, was interviewing Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) on her MSNBC program, “Inside with Jen Psaki.” They discussed the newly disclosed January 6 recordings when he made the troubling statements, which are now going viral on social media.

Psaki aired an audio recording of former President Trump discussing the J6 protesters with ABC’s Jonathan Karl during their interview. Trump told Karl he would have been well-received if he had been permitted to travel to the Capitol to solve the matter. She went on to inquire of Goldman whether or if, in his capacity as a former prosecutor, he thought this would be relevant to the case against Trump.

Yes, Goldman said, before laying the responsibility on Trump for stirring his base. Trump, he claimed, is digging an even deeper criminal hole with every word he uttered and that his motivations are entirely political. The New York Democrat then pushed for extreme measures, saying “Trump must be eliminated” to prevent him from becoming president.

Collin Rugg, Trending Politics co-owner, wrote on X that using Goldman’s logic, Goldman should never hold public office again.

Democrat calls for assault on President Trump and those who support him date back to 2016, according to Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung. He pointed out that it was hardly novel or unexpected rhetoric.

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