Professor Jokes About Her “Super Commute” to Michigan

( – A woman who claims to be a “super commuter” spoke about her commute from New York to Michigan and how convenient it is for her. Susan Miller, who makes this commute because of her job, said this even feels shorter than when she’s taken the Long Island Rail Road to New York.

“I get to enjoy an atmosphere and culture different from NYC. And it usually takes no more than two hours to fly between New York and Michigan,” she said. “I sometimes joke that it takes me fewer hours to get from my NYC apartment to Ann Arbor, Michigan, than going on the Long Island Railroad into Manhattan for the 23 years I worked there.”

She spoke about her expertise and how she’s learned to navigate the city to help her with convenience. “I know how to navigate flights and Ubers,” she said. “Plus, I’ve learned how to maneuver quickly around crowded, bustling spaces, I’d even say I’ve gotten physically fitter after dashing through airports so many times.”

Miller also said that purchasing flights in advance helped her to get them cheaper and prepare for the travel there and back. She says that traveling by plane and getting the tickets earlier is cheaper than it would be to ride the train.

Miller said that she was offered a job in Michigan but she lived in New York. She was hesitant to take the job but ultimately decided to and she feels lucky to have the arrangement that she has.

“I think I have the best of both worlds: I teach bright, well-rounded, caring students from around the world, and I get to return home and take advantage of everything that makes New York City exciting and interesting.”

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